Campbell Smith

We hope soon to show a collection of Campbell's pencil drawings from early 1970's.

Garry Gilchrist

Garry claims to have been born in Memphis in 1902 but Glasgow in 1952 seems more likely.

Ian Williams

Ian is a Welsh potter and ceramicist who lives on the Isle of Skye. We look forward to showing Ian's work.

Tony Gallagher

Tony is a painter, printmaker, sculptor, musician and art tutor. He studied in Glasgow and now lives in New Zealand.

Roisin O'Henderson-Henderson

Roisin is an acrobat, juggler, lepidopterist and puppeteer. She creates haunting poetic mystical images exclusively and uniquely from dog and horse hair, rabbit fur and the claws bones and souls of dead things that bite. Themes central to her work include paganism, modern dentistry, duality, monoism, enchantment, addiction, neglect and betrayal, the history of poison and the malevolence of toys.

She lives in a bus station in County Kilkenny and there she dreams of a perfect world where denial is king, birds of the sky worship gilded cages, white rabbits bleed rivers of stars and everything and everyone are forever comfortably numb.

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